“My goal is to leave this world more free and in a better condition than I found it.”

About Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta, born in 1992 in Helena, Montana, grew up in Palmer, Alaska, facing financial hardships at a young age. Despite adversities, he excelled in academics and athletics, winning the 2010 Mr. Anchorage bodybuilding competition. Inspired to overcome financial struggles, he became a successful Financial Advisor, expanding nationally and forming partnerships with industry figures like Dave Ramsey and Grant Cardone. However, realizing that traditional financial advice didn’t address immediate challenges, Jerry founded Wealth DynamX, implementing unconventional wealth-building strategies.

He is also the Founder of Fraud Free World, combating financial fraud, and The North American Effective Management Association for Financial Services, promoting ethical practices. Active in church, leadership councils, and his community, Jerry, now a husband and father, remains dedicated to leaving the world freer than he found it, embodying an old soul’s wisdom in his youthful three decades of life.

Purpose and Intention Driven.

The author, Jerry Fetta, has been featured by top names in their respective fields and their industry delivering valuable wealth creation tips and information on a national scale.

Jerry Fetta’s impact on individuals seeking financial empowerment is undeniable as he has graced stages across the country, sharing his invaluable expertise in investment strategies, money management, and wealth creation. With his compelling and insightful presentations, Jerry has inspired countless audiences to take charge of their financial futures. He possesses a unique ability to demystify complex financial concepts, making them accessible and actionable for everyone.  

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Podcasts and Speaking

Through his dynamic speaking engagements, Jerry Fetta has empowered individuals to recognize and implement strategies that can lead to better investments, improved money management, and ultimately, the attainment of their financial goals. His dedication to educating and motivating others has left an indelible mark on the financial well-being of many.

Jerry Fetta actively engages with audiences seeking financial freedom and wealth creation through his podcast appearances. He generously shares his expertise and insights on various podcasts, where he delves into strategies, tips, and techniques to help individuals secure their financial future. Whether it’s discussing investment opportunities, money management, or wealth-building principles, Jerry’s podcast appearances serve as a valuable resource for listeners looking to gain a deeper understanding of the financial landscape. His ability to communicate complex financial concepts in an approachable and relatable manner makes him a sought-after guest on these platforms, empowering countless individuals to take charge of their financial destinies.

Articles and Essays

Engaging with Jerry's written work provides an excellent opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and stay informed about the latest financial insights, helping you make informed decisions to secure your financial future. Don't miss out on the opportunity to tap into his expertise by following his blog and staying connected with his thought-provoking articles and essays.

Jerry Fetta News

Audiences eager to learn more about Jerry Fetta and his financial expertise can often find valuable insights in news features and special appearances. Jerry frequently shares his knowledge and perspectives in interviews, podcasts, and articles featured in reputable media outlets. By staying tuned to financial news and seeking out these special appearances, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of his strategies and philosophies on wealth creation and investment. Jerry’s ability to distill complex financial concepts into practical advice is often highlighted in these platforms, making it easier for audiences to access his wisdom and apply it to their own financial goals.

"I appreciate the clarity that Jerry brings to the topic of money and investing in his book How to Create Wealth. His approach is straightforward beginning with “wealth starts with a decision” followed by finding your purpose, your why for creating wealth. From there he teaches the concepts and principles necessary for wealth creation in an easy to digest style. The book really resonated with me and I found myself highlighting most of it with the intent to incorporate it into my wealth building journey."
Nancy Fields
"I’ve worked with Jerry and his team on a few different of their services including the financial blueprint analysis, setting up a sacred account and acquiring some precious metals. I have always found the team to take really great care that I got what I was looking for, and they always solved any issues that arose throughout the process. They are thoughtful, helpful and professional and I am very happy with what I did with them. I definitely recommend them!"
Dustin Muscato
"Working with Jerry has been an absolute pleasure. Down to earth advice that works. Highly recommend for anyone who what to gain financial independence and freedom."
Richard Jessop
"Jerry is knowledgeable and takes the time to make sure clients understand how to become financially free through extensive education and one-on-one support."
Andrew Bernhard
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Financial Education

Jerry spent over a decade researching and studying the Top 1% of wealth throughout history to understand what they did to build their fortunes. This education is written to give you the basics that he learned so that you can achieve financial freedom.

Wealth DynamX

Jerry Fetta, is the founder of Wealth DynamX. A company designed to help families become financially educated and solvent so they can achieve greater financial freedom in their lives and help others around them by sharing the truth about money.


Jerry Fetta, is the founder of Wealth DynamX. A company designed to help families become financially educated and solvent so they can achieve greater financial freedom in their lives and help others around them by sharing the truth about money.

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